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What If Your Smartphone Actually Made You Smarter?
The smartphone was supposed to make us smarter, by giving us instant access to the world’s best ideas and information. Instead, it often makes us dumber—and less happy—by endlessly stimulating us with addictive junk content.

Until Thoughtful.

Thoughtful makes your phone an endless goldmine of high-value, distraction-free content by aggregating, in one focused place, all your high-value content sources, including:

  • Podcasts
  • YouTube channels
  • Blogs
  • Substacks
  • Books
  • Courses
  • Recommendations from people you trust
  • Your own “to get to list”

Why Use Thoughtful?
  • spend much more time on content that enriches your life and much less time on content that wastes your life.
  • always have something entertaining and enriching to enjoy, whether you have 5 minutes or an hour, whether you want to read, listen, or watch.
  • regularly discover great new ideas, sometimes life-changing ideas, you wouldn’t have found anywhere else.
What Thoughtful Does
Aggregates high-value content into one, focused place Thoughtful helps you extract the gold from the Internet's ocean of content by:
  • Combining your favorite thoughtful podcasts, YouTube channels, blogs, and Substacks into one unique, ultra-high-quality feed.
  • Making it easy to save thoughtful content from anywhere on the web, whether you’re on your iPhone or desktop.
  • Inviting people you trust to share their recommendations with you.
Focus on high-value content Thoughtful helps you spend your time on the content you find most valuable, without the distractions, by:
  • Storing all thoughtful content in your Thoughtful Goldmine.
  • Allowing you to consume all thoughtful content in Thoughtful—podcasts, YouTube videos, articles, and some books—without any algorithm trying to distract you.
  • Saving your place on all forms of content (even articles) so you can make progress on longer-form content even when you only have a few minutes to spare.
  • Enabling you to search all YouTube videos and podcasts on Thoughtful, without the distractions of other apps.
  • Tracking your "Thoughtful Time"—the amount of time you spend on thoughtful content—so you can spend more time on high-value content and less time on low-value content.
Share and discuss thoughtful content Thoughtful enables you to recommend the most thoughtful content you come across to other Thoughtful users, as well as with people on any other platform.

And when content is shared on Thoughtful you can discuss it using Thoughtful's unique commenting system which encourages sincere, valuable comments and almost completely gets rid of performative, destructive comments. The result is a truly rewarding way to discuss ideas.

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