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What's Thoughtful?
Follow the most thoughtful content from around the Web—without the rabbit holes On Thoughtful you can find, follow, and enjoy thoughtful content from around the web, like podcasts, YouTube channels, and blogs—without all the rabbit holes, junk content, and other algorithmic manipulations of other platforms.
Discover amazing, sometimes life-changing, content from the Thoughtful community The “secret sauce” of the Thoughtful community—the reason why our community has a completely different level of content than anywhere else—is that all the content is based on trusted recommendations. On Thoughtful, you only see content from people you think are thoughtful—and they only share content that they highly recommend.
Meet Queue: the "to-get-to" list you'll actually get to Store all the thoughtful content you come across in your Queue—one central, private place for all that content you want to get to, but never seem to.

Queue is more than just a list—it saves your place in articles, videos, and podcasts—helps you get to content you'd otherwise forget about—and makes it easy to find something thoughtful whether you have 5 minutes or 2 hours and whether you prefer to read, listen, or watch.

Thoughtful Time: Screen time well spent These days there’s a lot of talk about “too much screen time.” But some screen time is amazing. Some ebooks, videos, podcasts, and courses we consume on our screens are incredibly enriching, even life-changing.

The real problem is not too much screen time, but too much wasted screen time—wasted on the junk content that saturates the Internet.

Forget Likes. Meet “Thoughtful Time Created” Unlike other platforms that give you feedback on your posts with Likes, Thoughtful gives you much more meaningful feedback—how much time others spend on your recommendations. We call this “Thoughtful Time Created.”
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